Friday, March 5, 2010

Flaming revenge?

It started with threatening calls. Then, my 5th neighbor Ra Sitrarasu's house was smeared with red paint on Christmas Eve(24-12-09). A month later, his E-Class Mercedes sustained minor damages by an early morning acid attack.
At 4am early morning (25-02-10), it was set ablaze. Sitrarasu and his family were rendered homeless after double-storey terrace house was razed in a suspected arson attack.
The fire started from the car which was parked in the front porch, before spreading into the house.
Santhi ( Sitra's wife) told us:" Luckily i was sleeping downstairs with my husband when we were woken up by an explosion just outside the porch. We looked out and saw our car was already on fire. We ran upstairs to wake up my 5 children aged 7 to 12. As we couldn't escape from the front of the house, we had to enter our neighbour's house through their back gate."
The neighbour's house was partially burnt in the fire. Sitra claimed they lost about RM200k in savings and all their clothes. Even his Mercedes was gutted by the flame.

It's a vendetta.....?revenge? Hard to explain........


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  1. Interesting.. luckily no one got hurt..
    When will human being will live in harmony and peace??
    Good post Peng!